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Color and Logical Reasoning Binder is perfect for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners to boost their logical reasoning skills, logical thinking skills, as it has 25 different brain boosting color related activities. The child has to think logically to do each activity. It has visual discrimination, visual attention, Visual perception, color mixing, logical reasoning activities. This binder is perfect for color theme, as each activity is related to different colors.


It has 25 activities.

✨Let’s learn colors

✨Let’s learn color mixing

✨Match the objects as per their colors

✨Match the flowers with the butterflies

✨Color grading activity

✨Match the shapes

✨ Match the shapes card

✨Match the pattern

✨Complete the pattern

✨Gumball counting

✨Rainbow color tower

✨Match the fish to the fishbowl

✨Match the colors to the butterfly

✨Candy counting

✨Alphabet matching

✨Build a turkey using the color code

✨Decode the number

✨Match the objects using the color code

✨Complete the puzzle using the color code

✨Visual perception

✨Visual attention

✨Visual discrimination

✨Double entry matrix

✨Matching directions

✨Copy the pattern


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