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Click here to watch the full preview of my printable products and the 100+ communication and thinking skills that learners developed from these instructional and educational materials.

The main objective of these materials is to help fulfill the learning goals of young students. All printable worksheets and activity pages included here aim to support the learners’ acquisition of new skills and the enhancement of the ones they already have.

Each educational activity has three learning objectives. It evaluates the three domains of learning: cognitive (mental), affective (emotional), and psychomotor (physical). Mental, emotional, and physical areas of development involve specific processes of learning to achieve the developmental objectives.

This subset of The Amazing Aa Family contains more than worksheets. It has activity pages that involve higher-level thinking activities. The 8 Color Intro and Info Pages and 10 accomplished activity pages in this subset can be made into large flash cards. The complete set of information pages, worksheets, puzzles, games, and assessment activities is also  available here.

Some worksheets and activity sheets can be reserved for the not-so-distant future when the child is mentally prepared to upgrade his or her mental abilities to explore fact-finding academic adventures.


1. Title Page


1. Color Intro and Info Pages


1. Creating Aa Family of Colors

2. Coloring Aa with Pattern Design

3. Counting Aa and Discussing Aa Words

4. Visually Discriminating Aa

5. Verbalizing the Right Order to Produce Aa

6. Constructing Capital A’s on Ten Handwriting Lines

7. Constructing Short a’s on Ten Handwriting Lines

8. Using Guidelines to Size, Align, and Space Aa

9. Writing Aa’s of Different Sizes

10. Understanding Letter Aa Orientation

11. Writing Aa and Tracing Aa Drawings and Words


1. Record Page

2. Self-Evaluation Page

3. Star Rewards

NOTE: Every alphabet letter family set follows the same format.