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Use this no-prep activity to help students with colors, rhyming words, counting, and more. Students can also illustrate their own book which helps with their understanding of the text and builds confidence while learning to read…..THEN reading! I read the story via YouTube, then you give students the worksheets/fun sheets. That’s all!

Teaching moments include:

-New vocabulary

-Recognizing/spelling colors

-Rhyming words/sounds


-Written numerals

-Simple addition (worksheets)

-Fine motor (cutting)

YT link: https://youtu.be/LNGR0B2c47g

I read this story twice in the video. The first time I read it, I insert teaching moments involving the above skills. It’s great for emergent readers or ESL learners, as the text is always shown on-screen for them to follow along.
These are not entire lessons, only teaching ‘moments’ to help review
skills previously learned, or preview skill yet to come depending on the
skill level/age of the child. Children will “learn” while engaged in a
story. This is an independent learning activity, so the
teacher/parent can simply let the child/children watch the video, then
give them the worksheets to complete.
As with any worksheet for
a child of this age, the teacher/parent may need to give some guidance
with the sheets, BUT I will do all of the teaching that goes along with
the sheets. It’s the closest thing to a second teacher in the classroom
OR a teacher at home, that I can come up with.

Worksheets are differentiated by A and B levels.
You can mix and match as much as you choose, or let the child do one set
at an earlier point in the year, then another at a later time in the

Possible uses:

*Daily 5



*Small/whole group

*Summer bridge


*….and a lot more

Feel free to spread this activity out over several days.


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