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Common Core Standards Posters For Kindergarten


This Common Core Standards set will help your classroom look great while displaying the standards for Kindergarten. The illustrations on each card help students understand the learning goals. You should laminate the standards and posters to use again. Velcro works great to stick the standards to your poster and makes it easy to switch them throughout the year.



*HALF PAGE Posters

*All Kindergarten ELA Standards

*All Kindergarten Math Standards

*”I can” and “we can” statements.

*The standards each have a colorful illustration to make the goal easy to understand.

*The standards are written in kid friendly language.

*PowerPoint Template so you can easily create additions.


I’ve also included many theme posters for the standards to be displayed in your classroom (or you could make your own).


These look terrific printed in color and laminated, but they also look good printed in black and white.



State Additions


No state additions are included in this product. All the regular ELA and Math Common Core Standards are included. These are found at www.corestandards.org. Some states have chosen to create additional standards to use together with the Common Core Standards. However, I have included blank templates for anybody who wishes to create state additions that match this set of posters. The template is provided as a Powerpoint file. Open the file in Powerpoint, choose the font sizes (24 for half page, 48 or 54 full page), font style (Comic Sans MS), find clip art images to paste into the Powerpoint files, Save As PDF, and print.




ELA Worksheets:

Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching – RF.K.1.D

Write Missing Uppercase Letters – L.K.1.A

Write Missing Lowercase Letters – L.K.1.A

Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching Cut and Paste (A to I) – RF.K.1.D

Sort By Syllables – RF.K.2.B

Clap & Circle The Number Of Syllables – RF.K.2.B

Color The Pictures That Rhyme – RF.K.2.A

Circle The Beginning Sounds – RF.K.2.D, RF.K.3.A

Write The Beginning and Ending Sounds – RF.K.2.D, RF.K.3.A

Write and Read “Here” In Each Sentence- RF.K.3.C

Color By High-Frequency Word – RF.K.3.C

Read The Color Words & Color The Objects – L.K.5.C

Read The CVC Word (Cut and Paste) – RF.K.3


Math Worksheets:

Number Match (1 to 5) – K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4.A

Number Match (6 to 10) – K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4.A

Write The Missing Numbers (1 to 20) – K.CC.A.3

How Many? – K.CC.B.5

How Many? — K.CC.B.5

Addition Using Drawings Within 10 – K.OA.A.1

Addition & Number Tracing Within 10 – K.OA.A.1

Subtraction Word Problems Within 10 – K.OA.A.2

Compare Two Numbers Within 10 – K.CC.C.6, K.CC.C.7

Make Ten (using 10 Frames) – K.OA.A.4

Counting Shapes and Graphing (triangle, square, circle, star) – K.MD.B.3, K.G.A.2

Counting Shapes and Graphing (triangle, square, circle, heart, diamond) – K.MD.B.3, K.G.A.2


I hope you and your students find this product useful and fun.