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What is a noun? What is a common noun? What about a proper noun?

Your students will feel confident and know the answer to these questions when they complete this packet with fun activities!



  • 3 anchor charts for noun, common noun, and proper noun
  • 1 handout for student folders for common nouns and proper nouns
  • Circle the common nouns in each sentence
  • Circle the proper nouns in each sentence
  • Using common nouns from a word box to complete factual sentences
  • Using proper nouns from a word box to complete factual sentences
  • Circling words in a set that are common nouns
  • Circling words in a set that are proper nouns
  • Cutting and sorting common and proper nouns using a T chart
  • Writing the common noun for each proper noun shown
  • Writing proper nouns for common nouns shown
  • Coloring common nouns in a set
  • Coloring proper nouns in a set
  • Writing sentences using common nouns
  • Writing sentences using proper nouns
  • Deciding and circling whether a common or proper noun is being shown
  • Capitalizing proper nouns
  • 18 flashcards for students to work in teams to quiz each other proper vs common nouns
  • answer key


As students go along they will read sentences and automatically be able to tell what type of noun they are looking at since each page has a quick review of the definition for each (proper vs common). By reading they will also get to know some quick historical facts about people and locations they may have or may have not heard about. I’ve also included pages that will allow them to practice their writing skills while staying on the subject of proper vs common nouns.

The practice pages included will also help students remember to always capitalize proper nouns when referring to people, months, days of week, clothing brands, shoe brands, books, and so on.

With the flashcards included students can play matching games or quiz each other by telling what kind of noun is being presented.

Some of the activities included require the use of scissors, glue, and colors.

Whether you are introducing common or proper nouns, this packet has everything you need for students to feel confident with reading and writing common and proper nouns. The best part? This packet needs no prep and comes with simple instructions for students to understand.



Soumara Siddiqui @ Dressed in Sheets


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