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This activity is a great addition to Labor Day or Career Day. Your students will love this colorful and engaging set of learning mats and sorting cards with real photos! This is an engaging activity for children to build critical thinking and discussion. This set includes 20 unique sorting mats that focus on identifying community helpers and objects associated with them. Can be used with Kindergarten, 1st-grade students, and children with special needs and autism.

The community helpers included are:

★ teacher

★ doctor

★ chef

★ police officer

★ firefighter

★ lifeguard

★ dentist

★ mailman

★ construction worker

★ gardener

★ farmer

★ baker

★ tailor

★ mason

★ veterinarian

★ hairdresser

★ house painter

★ clown

★ cleaner

★ artist

There are 30 pages to be printed on photo paper and laminated. Cut the cards out and use hook and loop dots in the middle of each blanc square on the boards and on the back chef

side of each card.