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Item description

This set of Boom cards™ includes digital task cards about adjectives that compare with a focus on how to compare using more and most; it also highlights that not all two-syllable adjectives take more/most.

What is included?

22 Total Cards

  • 2 cards with notes to review the needed information.
  • 20 task cards of two groups:
  1. The first group of cards require students to choose either “more” or “most”.
  2. For the rest, students are asked to select or write the correct form of the adjective, either by adding -er or -est or adding more/most before the adjective.
  • The questions are of multiple choice and fill in the blank types to vary the difficulty level.

This set is perfect for practice or revision of the lesson.

Check the preview to play the first four cards on the Boom Learning website.

***A link to the Boom Cards deck is embedded in the PDF file. You need to login first or create an account to be able to access the Boom cards deck.

Why use Boom Cards?

– You can easily share them with students using the FastPin/FastPlay options.

– You can have your students login if you want to keep their data.

– Students can access these cards using any device: a tablet, phone, or computer.

– Boom Cards provide students with immediate feedback about whether their answers are correct or incorrect. They can retry whenever needed.

– You can assign the deck to students several cards at a time.

– You can use them on active-boards in your classroom to make your session more interactive.

Your students will definitely enjoy our interactive Boom cards. They will ask for more.