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This is such a fun way to assess your students on their or help them prepare for a quiz or test on comparing Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells! The categories compare the structure of eukaryotes and prokaryotes as well as how they reproduce. There are over 30 questions and it features vocabulary words like:

  • mitosis 
  • meiosis 
  • binary fission 
  • flagella
  • cilia 
  • ribosomes 
  • DNA 
  • cell wall 
  • unicellular 
  • multicellular 
  • nucleus 
  • cytoplasm 
  • anaphase 
  • cytokinesis 
  • cell membrane
  • nucleus
  • organelles
  • plasma membrane
  • archaebacteria
  • chloroplast
  • mitochondria

I hope your students enjoy this Jeopardy game and are able to use their knowledge on Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells!