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Computer Components Picture Reveal – Great little standalone starter or activity to introduce computer hardware. Would work well with the interactive word search. Can be purchased as part of the bundle. Suitable for college students, 8th – 12th graders.

Components covered:





PCI Slot


Fibre Optic Cable

IDE Cable


HDMI Cable

Suggested delivery:

Questions could be about anything, but it might be a nice way to embed maths or literacy into your lessons.

▪ Ask learners questions then either allow them to pick the square or you can allocate points to each square perhaps depending on the difficulty of the question. If the learner guesses the pc component correctly award 2 points. Team with most points at the end of the game wins. A point deducted if wrong team answers etc.

▪ Could be used as a whole group activity, might be a nice way to ensure all learners are asked a question, especially if you are being observed!

▪ Stretch & challenge – learners/team could be asked to describe the purpose of the PC Component for bonus points. You could also add a time limit to answers of questions etc.

Format: PPT (read-only file which opens straight up into a presentation)

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