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consonant-digraph-sounds A 52 page printable word fluency strips pack to assist students develop fluency of reading words once taught the phonic component for each sound. 

consonant-digraph-sounds includes:

  • graphemes: sh, ch, -tch, th (voiced and unvoiced), ck, wh, ng, -n, qu and ph
  • two strips per A4 page
  • ten words per strip
  • foundation font (easy to read and no fancy bows)
  • student record charts (they plot their reading speed)
  • teacher fluency charts (track your students reading fluency at a word level over time)
  • teacher list of all words included within the word strips
  • student awards
  • mixed grapheme strips as well! 
  • black and white product
  • please check your printer settings prior to printing (e.g. fit to page, print in printable area, etc)

I use these cards in my early morning reading packs, for literacy centre rotations (students do partner reading activities with them) and for parent/education assistant 1-1 reading. This pack does not include vowel digraphs. That pack follows on from this pack. This pack follows from my initial code fluency charts. 

Enjoy! Kind regards, Jennifer