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Here are Summer Cookout and Picnic themed activities – poetry and writing papers to use in your lessons or add to your Literacy Center.

Product #1: Cookout and Picnic Poetry Activity Sheets

Have your students write Acrostic or Haiku poetry with these Summer themed poetry activity sheets.


Includes 8 pages:

1. PICNIC Acrostic

2. COOKOUT Acrostic Choice #1

3. COOKOUT Acrostic Choice #2

4. Choose Your Topic PICNIC Acrostic

5. Choose Your Topic COOKOUT Acrostic Choice #1

6. Choose Your Topic COOKOUT Acrostic Choice #2

7. Cookout Haiku

8. Picnic Haiku


Product #2: Cookout and Picnic Writing Papers

Have your students write to your Cookout and Picnic prompts with these themed writing papers. Or, place copies of these at your Literacy Center for students to write on their own topic of choice! Available in 3 different writing line options to meet the needs of your students.

Includes 12 pages in 4 designs:

1. BBQ – 3 writing line options.

2. Picnic Food Spread – 3 writing line options.

3. Picnic Basket – 3 writing line options.

4. Lemonade and Sandwich – 3 writing line options.

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