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These shark coordinate plane mystery graphing pictures are all in Quadrant I and use whole numbers only. They are a great activity for coordinate plane graphing practice, early finishers, or for a fun activity when there is a substitute. Students just plot the coordinate pairs in order, connecting them with a line until they come to the word STOP. Here they stop the line they are working on and start a new one. When they have finished plotting all of the coordinate pairs they have a fun picture to color.

These shark themed pictures are fun all year long, but are especially great for an end of the school year activity or for summer graphing practice because they fit well with a warm weather / beach theme. And even better, coordinate plane mystery pictures are great for keeping students engaged when the temperatures start warming up and students are feeling restless!

Four fun mystery pictures are included:

  • Swimming Shark
  • Shark Bite
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Shark Grin

An answer key is also included, showing what the completed pictures will look like.


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