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Compound and complex sentences, coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions, and how to use the acronym FANBOYS are explained in this set of 7 comprehensive worksheets, including examples. Students are encouraged to memorize the seven coordinating conjunctions by using the acronym FANBOYS.

The worksheets include:

  • #1 – Connecting with Conjunctions – explains conjunctions and their function in sentences. Students circle conjunctions and underline the words or phrases that they join.
  • #2 – Conjunctions in Compound Sentences – explains coordinating conjunctions and compound sentences.  Students choose a conjunction from the box to join two given sentences.
  • #3 – Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences – explains FANBOYS memory trick & coordinating conjunctions. Students use conjunctions to join given sentences.
  • #4 – Writing Compound Sentences – Students make compound sentences by choosing a conjunction from the box and adding another simple sentence of their own to the given sentence.
  • #5 – Conjunctions in Complex Sentences – explains complex sentences and the fact that they use subordinating conjunctions that are not FANBOYS. Students make complex sentences by adding a subordinating conjunction (examples are given) and a clause of their own to the given sentence.
  • #6 – Compound or Complex? – explains the difference between these two types of sentences. Students circle the conjunction and underline the clauses that are joined in each given sentence, and decide whether the sentence is compound or complex.
  • #7 – Writing Complex Sentences – Students are given a clause to use in a sentence. They choose a subordinating conjunction from the box and add another clause of their own to make a complex sentence.

Compound and complex sentences and the conjunctions that go with each can be difficult to master. These worksheets are a great addition to regular curriculum, as extra practice and reinforcement, or as review.

Designed for Grades 3-4, and supports Common Core standards L.3.1, L.3.1h, L.3.1i, L.4.1, L.4.1f.

Also useful for Grade 5 review and reinforcement, supporting Common Core standard L.5.1a.

This resource is also available in Google Drive format:  Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions – FANBOYS – Grades 3-4 – CCSS – Google Drive

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