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Are you looking for coping skills cards with fun activities that kids are thrilled to use?

This set with 32 aesthetic cards is perfect!

It’s a must-have for helping students stay calm and grounded.

♥ What is it? ♥

Coping skills cards, also known as calm down cards or self-regulation cards, are visual reminders to help children calm down effectively on their own. Adults cannot be with kids 24/7 to encourage them to go on a walk or use positive self-talk when they are anxious, frustrated, sad, or nervous, so they are very useful. When kids experience big emotions, they often resort to unhealthy/unhelpful coping skills such as biting their nails, shouting, or ruminating, but by taking a look at one of these cards, they are reminded of healthy/helpful ways to self-regulate.

♥ Once Purchased ♥

You will receive 32 coping skills cards as PDF (US letter and A4).

Print, laminate, cut, and enjoy!

Included cards:

Doodle, do arts and craft, close your eyes and relax, go for a bike ride, play with play dough, watch a comedy, think of 5 things you like about yourself, talk to a friend, smell something nice, write about your feelings, play an instrument, play with slime, punch a cushion, splash your face with cold water, sing and dance, clean your room, take a nap, get some sun, play with a fidget toy, touch something soft, squeeze a stress ball, play with a ball, go for a walk, do something nice for someone, do a puzzle, talk to a school counselor, do jumping jacks, find something beautiful, make origami, let yourself cry, read a book, eat a healthy snack, 54321 grounding techniques (name 5 things you can see, name 4 things you can touch, name 3 things you can hear, name 2 things you can smell, name 1 thing you like about yourself), organize your backpack, read a book, play with you pet, hug a plushie, think happy thoughts, hold an ice cube, use positive self-talk, bake cookies, make origami, drink water, chew gum

♥ How do you use it? ♥

・Put them in your calm down corner in your school counseling office, classroom, or home. Have relevant items such as a snow globe (there is a card that says “shake a snow globe”) or a blanket (for the “touch something soft” card) available in the area.

・Go through the cards with your student in your counseling session to introduce various coping skills to them.

・Ask children which coping strategies they would like to try, then let them take home the relevant cards to experiment throughout the week.

・Ask children what they usually do when they are anxious, nervous, or frustrated, and explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies.

・Help kids identify their triggers and plan which coping skills to use.

・The cards also make lovely Christmas gifts for school counselors, child psychologists, play therapists, and teachers.

♥ Benefits ♥

・Promotes self-regulation

・Provides choices that would have not popped up in their minds

・Does not require much thinking. All they need to do when they are overwhelmed is to pick up a card.

・Improves future reactions to stress

・Feels like a game rather than education

・Helps facilitate conversations around stress, triggers, and coping strategies.

・The fun activities and the cute design make it exciting for kids to use.

♥ Kindly Note ♥

・Due to the nature of downloadable products, there are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

・Colors may vary slightly due to monitor color settings and print quality.

・Files are for personal use only and may not be sold or used for commercial purposes.