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Provide middle and high school students with a print and digital version of the Cornell Method of note-taking. Whether you’re online, using a Learning Management System, or you’re having kids kick it old school — research shows that teaching students how to take notes effectively is a key to their academic success. 

Note Well: This Product Includes Google Apps Digital Access with Google Workspace (i.e., Google Slides, Google Classroom, etc.)

What’s Included in this Digital Download:

  • 1 Teacher’s Note for Using this Resource
  • 10 Cornell Note-taking Templates (Print + Digital)

    • 5 “8.5 X 11” Versions of Cornell Notes
    • 5 Horizontal Version of Cornell Notes
  • Student Instructions on How to Use the Cornell Note-taking Method

    • Use as an anchor chart or distribute copies to students.
  • 1 Student Sample of Cornell Notes

    • I love using student samples of work because it gives students an idea of what my expectations are when it comes to taking notes in class.
  • 1 Further Reading Pathfinder for More Resources on Cornell Note-taking

    • I’ve created a curated list of eight resources on using Cornell Note-taking in the classroom — including a resource created by the method’s creator, William Pauk from Cornell University!