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Increase student vocabulary, proofreading, and punctuation skills with these printable worksheets that can also be assigned through Google Classroom. Students will read sentences and verify that all the words are grammatically correct and include the proper punctuation. Improve handwriting, increase vocabulary, and help students reduce spelling errors in their writing by implementing these sheets as routine morning work. Some sentences will require the use of commas and apostrophes.

Includes all fourth grade Fry words and challenging words for fourth graders.


Answer key is included.


Includes an editable PowerPoint version so you can change sentences!

Also includes a blank template to make your very own.


Fry words included: body, music, color, stand, sun, questions, fish, area, mark, dog, horse, birds, problem, complete, room, knew, since, ever, piece, told, usually, didn’t, friends, easy, heard, order, red, door, sure, become, top, ship, across, today, during, short, better, best, however, low, hours, black, products, happened, whole, measure, remember, early, waves, reached, listen, wind, rock, space, covered, fast, several, hold, himself, toward, five, step, morning, passed, vowel, true, hundred, against, pattern, numeral, table, north, slowly, money, map, busy, pulled, draw, voice, seen, cold, cried, plan, notice, south, sing, war, ground, fall, king, town, I’ll, unit, figure certain, field, travel, wood, fire, upon.

Challenge words included: transport, manner, crumpled, scientist, impact, tennis, abroad, diagram, manure, breakfast, grocery, nannies, insect, offer, castle, alley, diaper, rotating, violet, sprinkle, produce, temple, speak, dangerous, launch, ruins, meeting, snout, bridge, window, glazed.


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