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I created this packet for my own 2nd grade class. I am not thrilled with some of the textbook options. The entire packet is based on 2.MD.8, but I included enrichment pages as well. This includes all coins, and all bills. I take the bills as high as the $100.00.

This was an entire packet, but it said too large to load. I halved it, to get it on here. Part 1 covers coins, fewest coins, shopping change.

Part 2 covers

32 pages- counting bills and coins, from one dollar bill to 100 dollar bill.

I am not perfect at this, but aim to help my class and yours. If you find a mistake, do not hesitate to contact me, and I will fix it.

I attempted to cover everything that my 2nd grade class covers, and add additional higher level practice.

I also have a packet with over 400 pages covering all NBT standards for 2nd grade.

I also have a packet with over 300 pages covering all OA standards for 2nd grade