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Covid-19 en Guatemala – Noticias del mundo.

Suitable for grade levels: 7th – 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Homeschool

This Spanish AP-themed, cultural scaffolded activity is not restricted to AP Spanish students. It includes 3 versions so it can be completed by novice, intermediate low/mid, and intermediate high/advanced students. 

Activity description:

In this Reading Comprehension activity, students read about measures the Guatemalan Government is taking to protect the population from COVID-19.  

Why your students will ❤️ this activity: 

Students will find this Reading Comprehension activity interesting because it is about an actual topic that is affecting the world right now; they will also learn about the Government of Guatemala and Guatemalan culture, and will interpret graphics and charts with information.    

  • Novice students read an official chat and see street signs designed by the government and then answer questions written in English. 
  • Intermediate Low/Mid students are asked to create their own street sign in Spanish to prevent the COVID-19. 
  • Intermediate High/Advanced students read an article published recently in a Guatemalan newspaper, look at charts and graphics with official information about the COVID-19, and then answer questions and give their opinion.

AP Spanish Theme and Sub-Theme: Science and Technology – World News and Current Events


1 version for novice students

1 version for intermediate low/mid students

1 version for intermediate high/advanced students

Teacher’s notes with pre-activity, during activity, and post-activity strategies for each proficiency level

Answer key


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