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Item description

This is a fun, engaging, creative and non-threatening intervention which is great for students to explore emotional regulation, anger management, reflective practice and self care.


What to do?

1.Encourage students to explore each of the 24 realistic scenarios on each page and reflect on how that scenario would make them feel. This also encourages empathy, compassion and consideration into the feelings and actions of others as they resonate with each scenario.

2.The next step is for the students to explore the “Anger Management Strategy Ingredients” list and tick what anger management strategy they could or would employ and use for that particular scenario. This helps students to reflect, explore and gain insight into their own feelings and behaviours.

3.Students then put those ingredients into the “blender” which is located on each page to cement the lesson. There are 24 visuals for already developed anger management strategies which students can utilize. There are an addition 12 blank visual cards for students to explore some of their own individual and unique self-care strategies that work for them.

4.Lastly, students can create a name for that particular anger management smoothie. This heightens the learning outcomes and students become more likely to explore and employ these anger management strategies within their everyday life.

NOTE – There is a COMPLETED example page so students can see this resource in action!