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“Creating a Classroom for All – Accommodations and Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion” is an invaluable resource for teachers and educators seeking to foster an inclusive learning environment. In today’s classrooms, students come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them unique experiences that can create learning barriers. This comprehensive resource aims to break down those barriers and help teachers better understand the perspectives of their students.

This resource offers a first-hand narrative, giving teachers a glimpse into what a student may be experiencing in terms of feelings, body sensations, and cognitive processing. By building empathy and compassion, teachers can become strong advocates for their students and implement accommodations and strategies to help them succeed.

In addition to narratives, this resource provides a list of accommodations and supports that can be implemented to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. It also offers reflective questions for teachers and educators to ensure that they have considered each student’s unique needs and circumstances.

Please note that this resource includes hypothetical first-person accounts of experiences, which are intended to help teachers understand how a student’s circumstance may influence their learning capacity. It is not meant to diminish or trivialize any individual’s experience. “Creating a Classroom for All” is a versatile and powerful tool that empowers educators to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive learning environment for all students.

COLLABORATION: This resource has been written by All Therapy Resources in collaboration with Alinka Avendaño, a psychologist with 10 years of professional experience from Leon, Nicaragua. In 2018 Alinka created Centro Psicológico ARIE to offer mental health services for children, adolescents and adults. Alinka is a brand ambassador for All Therapy Resources, and currently utilizes our materials for the Nicaraguan population.