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This “Follow the Bees” lesson plan will help you and your students create a set of positively-framed classroom rules for your classroom! You will also end up with a classroom management system that will have students rooting for their peers to succeed!


Foster a positive learning environment for your students with this valuable Back to School resource that includes:

  • Full Lesson Plan (4 pages)
  • Interactive Student “You Make the Rules” Brainstorming Sheets (2 styles)
  • Letter Home to Parents / Student Promise to “Follow the Bees” Contract
  • “Follow the Bees” anchor chart, perfect for displaying classroom rules in a fun way, rather than posting a sign that says “Classroom Rules”
  • “Honey Money” Classroom Management System


How It Works:

  1. Explain to students that in [your grade] THEY make the rules!
  2. Distribute the interactive “You Make the Rules” brainstorming sheets to students, and allow them to complete the sheet independently (a form for younger students, with the broken mid-line is included, as well as a form with solid black line for older students is included.
  3. Students participate in the rule making process by contributing their ideas for classroom rules while the teacher writes them down on the board.
  4. Teacher guides students to combine rules into 4 (secretly pre-thought-out) “Be” rules: BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE YOUR BEST SELF.
  5. Students and parents sign the “Follow the Bees” contract, agreeing to follow the bees at school and at home.
  6. Teacher displays the anchor chart the next day.
  7. Introducing the classroom management system of earning “Honey Money” is entirely optional, but is there if you want/need it!