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What better textbook do we have than the Bible!
Here in this activity, students will read though John 7 I am Statements & Signs as they revel significant characteristics of the power of Jesus and confirm His deity. They also stir up a response of acceptance or rejection, belief or unbelief. The seven “I Am” Statements are further claims of His deity. As you will see, sometimes the signs and statements match – giving evidence that Jesus really is who he claimed to be.

In this folder you will have access to these worksheets not only in the PDF form to print, but also an interactive Google Slides which can be assigned and completed virtually!

In this folder you will have access to:
– PDF: 2 page worksheets with answer keys included
– Digital: 2 interactive Google Slides to be assigned and completed virtually

In-Person: Students can work individually, in pairs or in small groups to complete these worksheets as they read.

Online: Upload these worksheets for your students to complete as they are reading the assigned text.

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