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Business, Art, Graphic Arts and Technology classes will love these design lessons! Eight different lessons to create high interest projects in the areas of Fashion Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design give students a choice of which activity they would enjoy. Or, if you prefer, you can choose one or two to assign to your class. Each lesson gives an option that students can do on the computer or without any technology at all.

This lesson is great for distance learning/remote learning. You can upload it to your school’s learning management system (Google Classroom, Edmodo, Canvas, etc.) or share with students via Google Drive.

Included in this download are the requirements for each of these lessons and resources for ideas, along with a rubric and sample completed lesson.

Students choose from:

1. Create a fashion from duct tape.

2. Create a fashion collage

3. Revise and remake a historic fashion

4. Create a logo

5. Use typography to create a graphic alphabet

6. Create a poster

7. Design a piece of furniture

8. Remodel/redesign a bedroom

Each project takes 2-3 (50 minute) class periods.

This lesson was created for an 8th grade Principles of Arts, AV Technologies & Communications class, but would be suitable for any secondary classroom.