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This unit takes your students’ love of Disney movies to a whole new level with critical lens theory! This 5-6 week unit takes a close examination into the fairy tales we know and love, but challenge them to look at them in a new way. In class you will examine the original texts of: Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and The Frog Prince and their Disney movie counterparts. 

The materials included will help students take a closer look at the archetypes, historical/social considerations, and introduce them to critical lens theory (mainly Marxist, Gender, and Archetypal lenses). 

This also includes three assignments that takes them through levels 2-4 of DOK understanding.

This unit includes:

* Beautifully illustrated PDF handouts of the original fairytales covered in this unit

* Wicked Stepmother Archetype PP

* Critical Lens Theory PP

* Socratic Seminar/Discussion Questions

* Response assignments that can work as HW

* Song lyrics from each movie to analyze more closely

* Worksheets (differentiated for on-level and higher-level students) for the texts and movies to examine archetypes and specific lenses

* 3 higher level thinking and application assignments

* 3 essay examining a fairy tale through a critical lens and skills-based rubric

* Final project in which students work in teams to create a sales pitch to Disney executives of a modified version of a fairy tale from a culture that has either NOT been represented or has been under-represented by Disney as their next blockbuster movie!

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****PLEASE NOTE- To get the full effect of the unit, you will need to have access to view the Disney movies mentioned.