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Are you looking for a fun detective math mystery to engage your students in 3 digit addition with regrouping and multiplication and division basic facts? Then this is for you.


Capture your students attention with this fun CSI Math Mystery by taking them on a journey to solve multiplication and division facts problems and 3 digit addition puzzles. Students narrow down the possible options by completing the activities and marking them off until one person is left. Can you find that person?



There has been an emergency at your school. As you walk into the classroom you notice that all of the stationery is missing. You quickly realize that over the holidays while you were away someone has snuck into your school and stolen it all. Who has taken it?


It is your student’s job as math inspectors to find out who has taken the stationery. Luckily the thief has left 5 math clues for them to solve to discover who they are.


This case includes

  • Adding single digits to 3 digit numbers with regrouping
  • Subtraction from 100 of 2 digit numbers
  • 3 digit addition with regrouping
  • Multiplication facts 0-12
  • Division facts of numbers to 144 (plus a couple of extras like 100÷20)


These math mysteries are designed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. Could also be used with struggling 5th grade students that need a little extra work and reinforcement in adding and take aways (or advanced, gifted and talented 2nd grade). I also leave some of the mysteries for my sub teacher and use the as a math review.


Math Mysteries are an independent escape room or crack the code type of fun math activities where instead of using locks, students identify suspects with puzzles and word problems. This mystery is perfect for the start of year with back to school activities, but can also be used all year round and after term breaks including summer, winter, autumn, fall, and spring breaks.


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