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This Connect 4 style game will change the way you review the Sweet 16 verbs in Spanish and provide evidence based clues in you classroom! Help students increase their use of high frequency verbs in Spanish in speaking, reading, and writing as they play! This “Connect 4” style product includes 6 unique partner playing boards in a digital and printable PDF format. The boards include different forms of high frequency Spanish verbs in Spanish in the present tense! Connect 4 games are a great way to increase listening comprehension and speaking skills while students respond to 35 clue cards. This set includes 3 ways to play described in detail, but the options are limitless! You can also use this set as Sweet 16 Spanish verbs task cards or even play running dictation style all while creating an input based environment for high frequency present tense verbs in Spanish.

Included Sweet 16 Spanish Words:

1 – querer forms: quiere, quieren

2 – tener forms: tiene, tienen

3 – estar forms: está, están

4 – ser forms: es, son

5 – oír forms: oye, oyen

6 – ir forms: va, van

7 – poder forms: puede, pueden

8 – poner forms: pone, ponen

9 – ver forms: ve, ven

10 – salir forms: sale, salen

11 – saber forms: sabe, saben

12 – venir forms: viene, vienen

13 – traer forms: trae, trean

14 – dar forms: da, dan

15 – decir forms: dice, dicen

16 – hacer forms: hace, hacen

** – haber forms: hay

** – gustarle forms: le/s gusta


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