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Everything you need to teach your children about cultural diversity is included in this easy to use printable Included is a mini booklet to teach your children about culture and cultural diversity with a step by step break down of project based learning and exciting bulletin board activities. Students will develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

This Embracing Cultural Diversity & Identity Project Based Learning for Intermediate Students resource will enable children to delve deeply into exploring about and presenting their culture to the class, thereby breaking down barriers as they learn about one another’s cultures. It promotes self exploration, identity formation and acceptance.

This 5 step process includes the following in both, colour and black and white:

  • Pre-teaching questions and mini fact booklet (2 versions)
  • Research/Fact Gathering sheets
  • Creativity activities (can be used for your bulletin board)
  • Presentation preparing journaling
  • Reflection guide.

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