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Distraction-Free Cursive Handwriting Practice – 100 Sight Words is designed specifically for learners who need papers with no visual clutter and zero distractions.

These practice handwriting printables feature:

  • no distracting clip art
  • no distracting borders
  • no overwhelming design elements

Your learners will benefit from clean and simple pages with the letters to practice and a place for his/her name.

Why did I create these practice handwriting printables? I saw firsthand while working with my daughter how some children are easily overwhelmed when there is too much visual clutter on the page. While some children might enjoy seeing cute clip art, for others it is terribly distracting from the task at hand. I often wished I could find handwriting pages that focused solely on handwriting and finally decided to create my own to meet that need.

There are many sets available for both Print and Cursive letters. Both are available with the directional arrows that show the child the way to make the letters and without the arrows.

Includes clickable Table of Contents to make pack easy to navigate.