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Keep your students learning with this engaging, standards-based activity. Great for distance learning, school breaks or home schools.


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  • “This is a genius idea! Great way to address handwriting difficulties especially with students on the autism spectrum. Thank you!”

  • “My students enjoy these and have asked for more.”

  • “Students LOVE this!”

  • “My students loved this as a part of our morning routine. I heard them telling each other the jokes later on during the day”


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Students will learn D’Nealian cursive by tracing, practicing and then writing their best cursive. The top half of the worksheet is for practicing the proper technique. The bottom half has a frame that can be cut out and glued into a journal or spiral-bound to create a personal Cursive Joke Book. Students can share their jokes with friends and family.


These jokes offer practice for all lower and upper case letters. Students will trace the letters first then copy the words on the lines. Finally, they will write the joke in their best handwriting. These weekly worksheets focus on letter formation, letter size, alignment, and spacing. Cursive Joke Book can be used as a center, whole class lesson, or for homework. Great for Homeschoolers or summer practice.