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Take your digital resources to the next level by adding an element of anticipation and apparent “chance” with these ANIMATED Spinners Clipart images! These GIFs are fantastic for making your resources more exciting and engaging!

These spinners are CUSTOMIZABLE – you can put anything you want on the spinners! I have made the needle relatively short to allow space for you to put things on the spinners – then the needle will end up pointing at your chosen items!

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20 Customizable spinner animated GIF images altogether


10 spinner animations

  • 9 spinners with the needle landing on the 9 different sections
  • 1 spinner with the needle turning continuously
  • The spinner base is white with black outlines and a colour-changing needle that spins around


2 copies of each image

  • A high-quality copy
  • A smaller, web-friendly copy which can be used in Boom Cards™ task cards.

Check out my preview video to see an example of my spinner animations in action!

Try out my Free 2 Colour Animated Spinner GIFs or my Free 2 Colour Customizable Animated Spinner GIFs and see what you think.


  • “I can’t wait to put these into my resources. It will be the perfect moving element to give interest and engagement.”

  • “Thank you so much for creating and animating these spinners! I have already put them to good use. I also want to thank you for your extremely helpful tips about how to use them on Boom, that saved me a lot of time, stress, and frustration. They worked great!

  • “It’s like you read my mind! I love that I can add my own images to these spinners. You’ve been so helpful while I figure out how to incorporate these great images in my resources. I can’t thank you enough!”

  • “LOVE all of Colleen’s spinners – so easy to use and engaging for students! These phonics spinners are perfect for my project – thank you very much!”

Thank you so much,

Colleen Schwartz