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The Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles are used to extend the work of the child with the Fraction Circles.


This material is suitable for any classroom, homeschool, or educational environment – you do not have to be a Montessori teacher. Save yourself HOURS of work. 

Watch my free video demonstrating my Introduction to Fractions lesson by clicking here.

A typical set includes 5 whole circles and 5 sets of labeled fraction pieces for each of the values from 1/1 to 1/20th.

These are the standard size if printed at 100%. The circles are 10cm in diameter and should fit in the centesimal frame.


You can create this set using this printable by selecting the black line master (print on red card) or the colour version (print on white card). If you make 5 copies of each page (black line OR colour) you will have the equivalent of the traditional full set of fraction circles.



Understand a fraction 1/𝘣 as the quantity formed by 1 part when a whole is partitioned into 𝘣 equal parts; understand a fraction 𝘢/𝑏 as the quantity formed by 𝘢 parts of size 1/𝘣.