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Cute Riddles and Brain Teasers for Smart Girls: Logical Activity Coloring Book Includes Riddles, Math Games, Word Games and Brain Teasers.

Children’s minds are amazing, and it always astounds us what they can figure out when given the chance.

Riddles are fun, brain-bending questions that are challenging to solve and make you think outside the box.

Riddles are puzzles that need to be solved.

Solving riddles involves critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I believe critical thinking is a very important skill, and one that is lacking in many people!

Working on solving riddles can sharpen their minds and even open up new thought processes and ways of looking at things.

Once your child solves the riddle, I guarantee you will have a feel-good moment.

Each riddle has the answer written on the next page for the child to trace, along with a cute image to color.

An ideal gift for girls, each page is easy to follow, and introduces suitably challenging riddles for your child.

These cute riddles support learning through logical thinking by developing concentration, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

It includes a certificate on the back of the book that you can present to your child upon completion.

Use during a holiday or thematic unit as a supplemental activity.

Use during Morning Basket, Circle Time, Morning Meeting to engage students, and more…

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