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A lot of our little people are completing assignments on their screens but lets not forget their fine motor skills! Let’s get those small hands cutting and gluing. This wonderful pack contains 14 activities the children will absolutely enjoy! The only things you need to complete all projects in this book are scissors, glue, and paper. That’s it! This book is perfect for art class. You can make elaborate and fun art parties with this printable set. Kiddos will get to cut circles, triangles, waves, zig zags, and all sorts of crazy lines. They will make pop-up scenes and more!

All this practice will enable your children to develop fine motor skills and have control of the amount of glue they use.

Check these resources out that can help you with glue control.

These activities are great for children who are in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and even third grade. The students will enjoy their creations so much that they might want to share a story with you.

Instructions and pictures included. Holiday and seasonal crafts included as well.




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