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This is a set of 26 ALPHABET PICTURE FLASHCARDS in soft, pastel tones showing words that follow a CVC pattern with the exception of the cards starting with a vowel (Ant, Egg, Ink, Owl and Urn) and the words Queen and Zoo.  

Each card shows a lovely, full-color picture together with the starting letter in upper and lower case at the top, and the full word written at the bottom. 


Students in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade as well as EFL/ESL students will enjoy using these colorful cards containing attractive visuals as they master fundamental skills for early literacy.


– Morning work

– Circle time

– Literacy centers

– Literacy games

– Guided reading

– Reading intervention

– Partner work

– Individual student practice

– Homework practice

– Writing activities

– and more!


Here are some of the foundational skills that can be practiced using this set of flashcards:

– Picture recognition (word retrieval)

– Word recognition (printed text)

– Word recognition (when presented orally)

– Phonological Awareness (CVC patterns)

– Phonological Awareness (Beginning/Ending sounds)

– Phonological Awareness (Rhyming)

– Phonological Awareness (Blending/Segmenting)

– Alphabetical Order

– Spelling

– Writing

– Sorting/Grouping

– Classifying

– Creativity

– Focused attention

– Shared attention

– And more!


Here are some activity ideas for different levels of learning: 

– Print two sets to create a memory or matching game. 

– Play Go Fish

– Find the cards that start with the same beginning or ending sound.

– Find rhyming words.

– Read each word and segment it into its sounds.

– Sound out each letter and then blend it into a word.

– Clap the sounds.

– Sort the cards into groups (i.e.: animals, things, same vowel sound)

– Order the flashcards in alphabetical order.

– Spell the words on each card.

– Describe the pictures on each card.

– Find three words related to each card (i.e.: Cat: Fur, Pet, Soft).

– Write or say a sentence with each word.

– And more…

Stay tuned for specific worksheets and activities using these beautiful flashcards! I try to post daily.


I really love creating these materials and appreciate you downloading my teaching resources. I hope you’ll enjoy using them in your classroom.


Feel free to reproduce the pages for classroom and personal use only. If your co-workers or friends like these materials, please send them over to my store so that they can explore and find additional resources. You will truly rock!. Please, remember that duplication for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.