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This activity is an engaging way to practice CVC words! Students look at the picture then drag and drop the missing vowel. This resource is divided into 4 sets with total of 120 CVC Words. You can also mix and randomize the sets! This digital and interactive resource can be used with Google Slides for Google Classroom. 


Set 1:

short a: cab, dad, wag, jam, fan, map

short e: red, beg, den, pet, web, set

short i: bib, lid, dig, fin, lip, sit

short o: cob, pod, dog, mop, pot, box

short u: tub, bug, rug, gum, cup, bus

Set 2:

short a: hat, tab, mad, rag, ham, pan

short e: fed, leg, hen, net, vet, bed

short i: hid, pig, bin, rip, kit, six

short o: bob, rob, nod, fog, pop, cot

short u: cub, mug, sum, nun, yum, bun

Set 3:

short a: cat, pad, bag, van, nap, rat

short e: wed, peg, ten, get, hem, jet

short i: big, hit, win, tip, bit, mix

short o: mom, fox, sob, job, hot, cop

short u: sun, mud, rub, nut, pup, hug

Set 4:

short a: sad, tag, yam, ram, can, wax

short e: led, men, pen, met, wet

short i: rib, kid, wig, dim, tin, sip, fix

short o: mob, rod, jog, hog, hop, log

short u: sub, tug, hum, fun, run, cut


What’s included:

-Link to access Google Slides files

-PPT files and instructions

-Answer Key

Google Classroom allows you to view your students’ work live from your computer. Simply select the file from your Google Drive and assign it as an assignment to your students. Student’s work is automatically saved so you can review it when they turn it in. Answer key is provided in PDF format for correction. Student’s work is automatically saved so you can review it when they turn it in.

These digital task cards are paperless and interactive. You can also use this resource in PowerPoint or by opening this Google Slides resource on your Smartboard, laptop, tablet, or iPad.

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