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This CVC word families resource helps students build early phonics and phonemic awareness skills through. It includes hands-on word building activities for 20 different word families, plus companion worksheets for each.


  • 80 CVC word family picture cards for word building
  • 192 letter tiles
  • 40 worksheets


Using the word family picture cards, students build each word by putting letter tiles in the boxes. They will say the word, listen for each phoneme, and place the corresponding letter tile in the correct position. The pictures cards are color-coded for easy organization and use:

  • Purple – Short A word building cards
  • Green – Short E word building cards
  • Pink – Short I word building cards
  • Blue – Short O word building cards
  • Orange – Short U word building cards

CVC Words Worksheets

There are also 40 companion worksheets with the same word families as the word building cards. There are two worksheets for each word family:

  • Worksheet A – Students read each word and match it to the same word, find the words in a simple word search, and write the words next to the matching picture.
  • Worksheet B – Students match pictures to the corresponding word, read the word, trace the word, write the word, and finger spell the word following example provided in American Sign Language. This is a great activity to help reinforce spelling patterns for your kinesthetic learners.


The word families included in this resource are:

  • Short A – ad, an, ap, at
  • Short E – ed, eg, en, et
  • Short I – ig, in, ip, it
  • Short O – ob, og, op, ot
  • Short U – ub, ug, un, ut