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Do your students need practice fluently reading CVC word families? This center activity pack has progressive and differentiated CVC word activities to build reading fluency. These reading fluency activities students to practice the ap word family by decoding and blending sounds in the word, reading words in a sentence, and reading short stories. Each level has the option of using picture supports or not. Each reading CVC word reading fluency activity has the whole word in the same font and the option with the word family rime bolded in each word. The variety of activities allows students to work at the level of their understanding and allows for differentiation within the classroom.


All centers have a color and black and white version. The center pages have a version with the word in all the same font and a version with the font that has the word family (rime) bolded. In the download there are ideas of how to use each center and ways that each center can be differentiated based on individual student needs.

CVC Word Family Reading Fluency Includes:

✅ words includedcap, gap, lap, map, nap, sap, tap, zap

✅ word level with picture support: 8 pages – 2 pages with regular font (color & b/w), 2 pages with bold word family (color & b/w) – 2 sets of these one with directions at the top and one without directions

✅ word level without picture support: 2 pages – 1 page with regular font, 1 page with bold word family

✅ sentence level: 12 pages – 2 pages without picture support (regular font & bold word family), 2 pages with picture clues (color & b/w), 2 pages with picture clues & bold word family (color & b/w) – 2 sets of this one that can be used as cut apart sentences and one that has space to hole punch to put on a ring

✅ short story level: 4 pages – 2 pages with regular font (color & b/w), 2 pages with bold word family (color & b/w)


CVC Word Family Word Activities can be used for:

✽ small groups

✽ differentiated centers

✽ whole group

✽ used by an assistant, tutor, parent helper

✽ homework


Common Core Standards: RF.K.1b, RF.K.2c, RF.K.2d, RF.K.2e, RF.K.3, RF.K.3d


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