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This game for emergent readers help students build phonemic awareness and beginning phonics skills. While playing the game, students will build CVC words letter-by-letter. They will practice saying a word and isolating each phoneme to determine which letters are needed.



Give each player a CVC words mat (game board). Draw a letter card and call out the letter name or sound, depending on the skill you want to reinforce. If students have any CVC words on their game mat containing that letter or sound, they fill it in. The player who completes all of their CVC words first is the winner.



There are two different version of the word mats. One has blank spaces for each letter. The other shows the letters in a dash font. This version is great for students who need scaffolding, have difficulty forming/writing their letters, or have weak letter-sound correspondence.



The skills involved in this game are:

  • letter recognition
  • letter-sound correspondence
  • letter formation
  • phoneme isolation



  • 7 word mats/game boards without letters
  • 7 word mats/game boards with dashed letters
  • 26 letter cards