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This is a CVC Words Pocket Chart list. It is a total of 60 pages. These can be cut and laminated to use in centers, one on one, or for fun. I have a few students in 2nd grade who are struggling, and I made this to let them have some fun and learn at the same time. There are 32 CVC short a words, 20 short e, 36 short i, 28, short o, 26 short u. I also included some black and white printable sheets where they can look at the picture and then write the CVC word. 5 sheets with short a, (30 words) 2 sheets of short e, (20 words) 2 sheets of short i, (20 words) 2 sheets of short o (20 words), and 2 sheets of short u, (20 words). Then there are 4 sheets of combination words, (40 words) I tried to only put words that the pictures would clearly show the word. If you see a mistake, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will fix it