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This bundle contains two no-prep CVC word resources to help your students read and write CVC words! This fun and engaging bundle will help your students master their CVC Words.  Helping to make CVC writing and practice easy for students and teachers, these no-prep worksheets take the simple cut and paste sorts to a new level by including a writing aspect to the sort.  The crosswords help students feel successful as they learn to sound out and write CVC words. They are the perfect way to practice writing and identifying sounds in CVC words.

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What’s Included in CVC Words Sort and Write:

Included in this resource are 20 no-prep cvc word sorts in both color and black and white print options.  Students will practice identifying short vowels in words by sorting cvc word pictures and writing those words.  An answer key is provided for each sort activity to make it clear which cvc word the pictures are intended to represent.

Ideas for Use:

This resource would be a great addition to any K-1 classroom to support students in their practice of sorting, sounding out, and writing cvc words.  This resource can be used as:

  • Literacy Centers or Daily 5 Word Work Station
  • Morning Work
  • Homework
  • Independent Work
  • Early Finisher Activities
  • Spiral Review
  • Identifying Middle Vowels in CVC Words
  • Introducing CVC Words and Writing CVC Words
  • CVC Assessment

What’s Included in CVC Words Worksheets Crossword Puzzles for Kindergarten and First:

Included in this resource are 20 crossword puzzles. Each crossword puzzle has a color version, black and white version, and an answer key.

The First 10 – The first 10 crossword puzzles have a line for writing the CVC word at the bottom, next to the picture, before writing in the puzzle. These puzzles are meant to support students as they learn CVC words as well as the crossword activity.

The Second 10 – The second group of 10 crossword puzzles are a bit more complex and do not have the line next to the pictures for writing. Students write the words directly into the crossword puzzle. This set is intended as an enrichment, or for students who already have a grasp on both CVC word writing as well as crossword puzzles.

Answer Keys – Answer keys at the end of this resource are wonderful to clarify any questions you have about the intended CVC word to match the pictures. CVC words can be tricky, and the pictures can be interpreted differently for each person, so this addition is there to make your life easier!

Ideas for use:

  • Centers
  • Morning work
  • Homework/At-home learning
  • Enrichment
  • Early finishers
  • Word work
  • Spiral review



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