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Here is a fun phonemic awareness activity to practice segmenting and counting syllables in multi-syllable words. Using the science of reading, these games will help your students practice hearing and identifying how many syllables are in a word. They strengthen phoneme manipulation, decoding, and spelling. This game uses up to 5 syllable words.


Included are two game options with 60 picture cards, along with 5 ways to play! Plus, you can up the excitement by adding “Bam” cards for a twist on traditional bingo. Directions and ideas for differentiating are included.


These are quick and easy activities to have on hand that kids will love. 30 of each card set are included so each student can have a unique card. No cards are alike.

⭐Look at What’s Included⭐

► 30 color syllable pictures bingo cards

► 30 black and white picture bingo cards

► 30 color syllable number bingo cards

► 30 black and white syllable number bingo cards

► Black and white calling cards

► Instructions

► List of words by the number of syllables