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When my son was little, I put a behavior chart on the refrigerator. I told him that if he had a plus sign each week day, he could earn a treat over the weekend. This worked pretty well for the first week, but on the second week, he earned a minus sign on Monday.  Having lost his reward, the rest of the week was a disaster.  

I solved the problem by making smaller segments of time and requiring that he had a plus sign only 80% of the time.  This kept the promise of a reward possible.

Some of our students struggle to manage behavior for an entire day.  This chart is set up so that a child can earn feedback hourly throughout the day.  Put this chart on a clipboard and teachers can pass it from one to the next if grade levels are departmentalized.  Each teacher can put a number from 1-5 for the behavior scale (No sad faces, please!) and initials at the end of the segment. Parent initials at the end of each day and returns.  

Other than the obvious advantage of improved behavior, another advantage is that you will begin to see patterns emerge. For example, if a student has trouble with behavior every day during the segment right before lunch, it may be that he is hungry and a small snack will fix the problem.  

This behavior chart is also good evidence for required progress monitoring for students; we all know that academics and behavior are linked.

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In the meantime, let me help you organize so that you can focus on students and standards.  Here’s to Happy Kids and Happy Teaching!


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