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Whether you are preparing your preschool special education classroom for back to school or just setting your student with autism up for success, these photo visual schedule cards will come in handy. They come in 3 sizes, one size that is ideal for posting for the entire class and 2 smaller sizes (1” and 2”) that are intended for individual visual schedules. 46 different cards are included as well as 3 schedule headers to choose from and 3 different options to indicate to students what activity is currently happening.

SE/SS 1.2a I can demonstrate independence in decision making regarding activities and materials.
SE/SS 1.2b I can demonstrate independence in a range of activities, routines, and tasks.
SE/SS 2.4a I can follow established rules, routines and directions independently.
RF.1 I can recognize print in everyday life, such as numbers, letters, one’s name, words, familiar logos, and signs.

For longer use, print cards on cardstock and laminate cards.

Activities Included:

✅ bathroom

✅wash hands

✅circle time



✅fire drill

✅ rest time





✅small group

✅table time



✅social skills

And many more!