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Item description

Database Bundle consisting of interactive & printable word search, crossword, a printable dominoes activity, a DPA quiz & an interactive graded assessment quiz. A set of fun and engaging activities suitable for vocational and high school students. These can be embedded in several lessons.

(Preview before you buy only demonstrates Database Dominoes, timer (no longer available) & Quiz. Please preview WS, CW & DPA separately).

1. Digital Word Search to help increase technical vocabulary.

2. A Digital Crossword to consolidate understanding of Database Design Concepts.

All materials allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

printable copies

interactive puzzles with and without timings (double click the index.htm file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

Set of answers

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display puzzles when tested).

3. Database Dominoes Activity:

Printable PDF (answers shown in PDF last item marries up with the first item).

Photocopy/print dominoes to make as many sets as necessary. This activity works well in small groups and encourages teamwork. A time limit can be added to make this activity more competitive between teams.

4. Digital Graded Assessment: HTML, open index.html file in a browser)

A mixture of short answer questions; fill in the blanks; multiple-choice; Yes/No answers; matching & hot spot questions. 10 questions; the pass mark is 80%. Learners only get 1 attempt but have the opportunity to review their answers.

5. DPA: HTML, open index.html file in a browser)

This resource contains a brief overview of the Data Protection Act and a quiz. This is an interactive resource that can be completed by individual learners on a computer.

There are 2 versions of this resource:

• Quiz showing learner progress as they move through each question

• No progress, just overall score at the end of the quiz

Both versions allow the user only 1 attempt but give learners the chance to review all answers. There is also a link to further reading on this piece of legislation.

HTML Resources Note:

Please make sure that you keep the HTML folder intact and run the index.html file from inside the folder. If you are adding to individual computers, please make sure that you add the whole file and then ask your students to open it up in the same manner as outlined above, thanks.

Please be kind enough to leave feedback once you have used these resources with your learners, many thanks.