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Do you count the days you’ve been in school as part of your morning routine? This “How Many Days Have We Been In School?” poster is the perfect way to help you count! Each Days in School poster comes with ten frames where you can add the pre-made happy faces or draw in your own!


This retro days in school poster set will pair perfectly with the place value chart that’s included!  Simply print, laminate and cut!  These posters will last you all year and year after year!


Included in this Retro Days in School Poster Set:

  • Days in School posters with 2 headings “Days in School” & “How many days have we been in school?”

  • Place value poster where students see the number of days and the number split into hundreds, tens and ones. Color coded to help students see the difference.


All items are in a fun Retro font and a Primary font