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In this debating unit of 18 lessons, high school students will build towards a full, competitive debate at the end of the unit. 28 printable or digital handouts explain all the rules and techniques to students, and provide dozens of topics. Rubrics for marking, including peer feedback and self-evaluation, are also included. No prep, just print-and-go! ALL LESSONS ARE STUDENT TESTED AND APPROVED!

Who can benefit from this unit?

This unit can be used by teachers setting up a co-curricular debate club, by those running a specialist speech and debate class, and by those who want to give rigor to an English Language Arts or humanities class.

Table of contents

Lesson plans for 18 classes


Salesmanship Exercise: Handout #1

Argument Skills: Handout #2

Basics of Debating: Handout #3

What does each speaker do in the debate? Handout #4

Providing Definitions: Handout #5

Resolutions Requiring a Definition: Handout #6
Disputing Definitions: Handout #7

A Sample Challenge to a Definition: Handout #8

Qualities Judges Look For: Handout #9

How To Give A Debate Speech: Handout #10

Topics for rebuttal practice and/or impromptu hat topics: Handout #11

A Few Points on Rebuttal: Handout #12

Brief for the Negative: Handout #13

Providing Vivid Examples: Handout #14

Cross Ex Advice to Examiners: Handout #15

Rules of Cross Examination Debating: Handout #16

Debate Topic Possibilities: Handout #17

Affirmative strategies for policy debates: Handout #18

Negative Defences Against Various Affirmative Strategies: Handout # 19

Developing a Confident Speaking Manner: Handout #20

Moderator’s Script: Handout #21

Judge’s Score Sheet: Handout #22

Speech for additional rebuttal or cross ex practice: Handout # 23

Additional Rebuttal Practice: Handout #24

Additional case for rebuttal or cross examination practice: Handout # 25

Impromptu speeches, Handout #26

Peer evaluation form: Handout #27

Self-evaluation form: Handout #28

Credentials of the unit writer

Students I coached won the high school World Individual Public Speaking and Debating three times: 2004, (Colorado), 2006 (Connecticut) and 2007 (Cape Town).

My students have also won the Internationals (2005) and two were selected for the Canadian squad to the World Team Championships (2004, 2006). They also achieved dozens of B.C Provincial and Western Canada titles.

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