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Bolster and enhance your math instruction with the help of this jam-packed resource! I’ve created a fully functional unit about place value and rounding of decimal numbers that covers all of the important topics and skills for each concept. Let me help you by saving you precious time and energy!

This math workshop unit is complete with vocabulary cards, 15 days of lesson plans that are very thorough and detailed, guided math activities, interventions and extension suggestions and much more! If you have been wanting to start math workshop and/or guided math in your class, this is the unit for you!

This Unit Includes:

✓ What are decimals and their size?

✓ How does the placement of a digit affect its value?

✓ How do we read decimal numbers?

✓ How do we write decimal numbers?

✓ How can we represent decimals in base-ten form?

✓ How can we represent decimals in expanded form?

✓ What are equivalent decimals?

✓ How do we compare and order decimals?

✓ How do we round decimals (including using number lines)?

✓ How do we understand the size of decimals and relate it to benchmarks (zero, half, one)?

With This Unit You’ll Get:

✓ Vocabulary cards for word wall instruction

✓ Scripted lesson plans

✓ Anchor charts

✓ Detailed mini-lessons with necessary resources for implementation

✓ Intervention and enrichment

✓ Practice and reviews

✓ Math Centers and Activities for Guided Math

✓ Answer keys