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Looking for a fun phonics card game that will help your students improve their decoding strategies and syllable division skills? Look no further than the Decoding Multisyllable Nonsense Words Phonics Game! Players use word decoding skills and syllable division rules to read multisyllable nonsense words correctly. This game is so much fun, your students won’t even realize they’re learning! Providing practice with syllable division rules, syllable types, and decoding skills, this game is a great way to help your students improve their reading skills.

Word cards were created using EZRead Kids Font made for dyslexic readers and students that learn differently. This game can be used as extra practice for students using any Orton-Gillingham-based reading program. Players practice identifying letters and blending sounds to decode words.

Cards may also be used as flashcards or as a matching game activity. This game provides differentiated instruction for tutoring sessions, general classroom use, homeschool, and special education.

The decoding skills used in these words include syllable division, v-e syllables, closed syllables, open syllables, r-controlled syllables, le syllables, vowel teams, short vowel sounds, consonants, digraphs, CVC words, the sounds of am and an, the ll,ss,ff spelling rule, the suffix s, blends, and welded sounds (ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, and unk). A list of words used in this game is provided. Plus, you get an editable card PowerPoint file so you can add your own words.

For 2 to 4 players

⭐ Included:

How to Assemble and Play

80 Word Cards (you can print as many as you need)

8 Draw 2 Cards

8 Skip Cards

8 Reverse Cards

4 Wild Cards

4 Wild Crazy Cards

Set of blank cards to customize

Editable PowerPoint word card file

Back Side to make cards double sided

I used this resource for my guided reading and tutoring groups. I was excellent practice with nonsense words and syllabication rules.

— India S. 

This product was fun for my students. It followed SOR phonics/ decoding strategies and skill, but in a fun and challenging way!

— Hollie H.