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What could be more thrilling and inspiring than designing a Moon base complete with recycling stations?

for something exciting for a project based learning unit? Here is an
Environment & Astronomy Challenge to make your science project for
younger students, Grade 1 to Grade 3, both fun and educational.

idea of building a settlement on the Moon has become a more serious
one. Yet, if we are going to build a settlement on the Moon we are faced
with some of the issues that we have on Earth. Of course, the Moon City
needs to offer its inhabitants protection from radiation from the Sun
since the atmosphere on the Moon is very thin. Space rocks, tiny
meteoroids, may rain down. But we are also facing problems such as “How can we make things?” “What should we do with the Space Junk left on the Moon?” and “How to Recycle things on the Moon?”

resource can be used project about Space. It can also help and
encourage students to think about how we recycle things on Earth making
it perfect for an Earth Day or Environment project.

Feel inspired, Be Creative and Make Change.

What are you waiting for? Purchase this fun, educational and engaging environment & space resource nowand give your students a science activity they’ll love.

This Package Contains:

1. Moon Base Green Challenge – Instruction to the Students

2. All about the Moon

3. Space words – make your own dictionary

4. All about Moon exploration

5. What if. . . Imagine that you are standing on the Moon. What does it look like?

6. Recycling on the Earth and the Moon

7. Opinion – What I think – Do we need to recycle on the Moon?

8. What do you need to live on the Moon?

9. What resources can you find on the Moon?

10. What can you make from water?

11. Solar power on the Moon

12. What can you make from sand?

13. You could perhaps 3D print a Moonbase!

14. Explore possible waste materials when you are building a Moon city

15. Are there any dangers on the Moon?

16. How can food waste be recycled on the Moon?

17. Space Junk

18. Green jobs on the Moon

19. Recycling station

20. Images to use when building and designing the Moon City and Recycling Station