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“Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin is an example of historical fiction that, when integrated into the English Language Arts classroom, complements American History curricula, as the plot precedes the Civil War and addresses the issue of how race and ethnicity affect one’s life experiences in the South. With this worksheet composed of challenging, text-dependent questions, teachers will help students extend beyond general reading comprehension, exercise close reading analysis skills, and save valuable time at home without sacrificing rigor in the classroom. An answer key and copy of the public domain narrative are included. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. By completing this close reading activity, students will do the following:

  • Articulate what is stated in the text explicitly and implicitly
  • Analyze how complex characters think, interact, and behave
  • Explore character motivations and intentions
  • Apply knowledge of literary devices including irony and foreshadowing
  • Analyze the author’s craft, determining how figurative language contributes to storytelling and character development
  • Articulate point of view
  • Make logical inferences about the psychological states of characters
  • Cite textual evidence in support of claims
  • Write ideas with clarity, accuracy, and precision